a collaboration between Shelagh Keeley and choreographer / dancer Lin Snelling

from our long term research project: Performing Book ( 2003–2015 )


the space in the photograph / drawing


power of intuition

a sense of place...marking that space and time

in the photograph i draw with the camera / an extension of the body

japanese MA / collapse of time and space

drawing / film / photography / architecture


a sense of the ordinary / everyday as remarkable

accidental possibilities / imperfection / incompleteness

the ephemeral / vulnerable

the narrative of space and mapping

a visual diary

haptic photographs

drawing through slowness / an intuitive conceptual process


making sense of the world around me

a philosophy of the ordinary / everyday

the banal / simple / living in the moment

photography and drawing as site moving around and through the architecture / walls / film

narrative of place / re-thinking space in relation to the body


photographs and drawings coming from a space of intuition

and instinctive intelligence

the process of photography...corporeality, liminality, embodiment,

ephemeral, vulnerable situations

drawing / photography as a system of thought, a visual structure

at the intersection of philosophy, the political and deeply personal


a thinking process in that moment in space and time

a diary / journal of that moment

a collage / giant open notebook on the wall

i find my way through the drawing, photograph, intuition and research

to the fluid space of the wall...a vocabulary of the world around me

the wisdom and beauty of the body and its language of gestures

image, thought and gesture.


the table is a place of thought and composition...the performance

moves through the space until all the tables are left with traces of books

journals, writing, drawing and the memory of the moving body.

PERFORMING BOOK is an ongoing site-specific inquiry into dance / drawing

and the writing of a book through performance / spoken word and gesture.

the library space allows one to both physically and intellectually edit and invade

while working and thinking...inhabit and curb spaces around images, thought and gesture.

capture / release extended periods of drawing, reading, and writing into the architecture of the room.


the intuitive process of drawing driven by chance

an act of memory always attempting to reconstruct a space / time / gesture

fragments of thought / repetitions

cut-up and chance / working from the body

in the library performing the book / archives.